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Born and brought up in Mumbai. Her love and passion for art developed since she was a child. The brush and colours were and is her best pal. With inspiration from her mother, she was drawn to this creative field. Winning a lot of competitions, prizes and recognition in drawings and paintings during the school days paved the path of a career in arts. She feels art gives you a way to express self and her paintings are a reflection of her thoughts.

Swati has done her M.A. in Fine arts from Mumbai University in 1987. Swati prefers Oil Medium for her paintings for the depth and variations one can give to the paintings through this medium. Her forte is Oil paintings. She also explores with Acrylic colours too.

Swati has been greatly inspired by Late Madhav Satavlekar, K. B. Kulkarni, B. R. Kulkarni and Paul Cezanne(French Artist). She believes that artists need concentration, hard work, sincerity in their work along with passion for creativity.

She has traveled over a lot of places in India and has captured a lot of such moments, which can be seen in her paintings. Being a nature lover, she likes to paint landscapes, floral, life and tries to enhance their beauty as per her own perception. She feels that the strength and beauty of an Indian woman is incomparable whether she is a modern or a rural.

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